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Physical Characteristics


Raising Offspring

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Raising Offspring


After the female gives birth, she usually hangs around other females with calves the same age. Cows take good care of their calves.


The mother and aunt, usually called Auntie, swim very close to the calf and whistle softly to soothe it. When the mother hunts, she leaves her calf with auntie who is the "babysitter".


The calf drinks milk from her mother. The milk is sprayed into the calf's mouth because it has a beak and cannot suck. When the calf is eight months old, it will eat solid food. When the calf is two years old, mother and calf will join the rest of the herd if the calf is swimming strongly enough. When the calf is fully independent from "mom", if male, he will go off to join an all male herd. If female, she may find another female herd, or she may stay with her mother.



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